Ji and Doh, the creative forces behind JIDOH, are a photography duo whose synergy transcends boundaries and captivates the imagination. Both hailing from Seoul, their lives have been shaped by a diaspora experience, having been raised across different parts of the world, including the U.S. and Europe. Currently based in London and Seoul, they draw inspiration from their diverse backgrounds and global perspectives.

Doh's unwavering passion lies in capturing human emotions, movement, and candid moments. His imaginative approach explores and presents captivating imagery that sparks curiosity. With a background in fashion photography and image communication, Doh fearlessly pushes creative boundaries, illuminating the beauty of our shared humanity.

Ji complements the partnership with a unique aesthetic sensibility. With a background in fashion and graphic design, her keen eye for composition, love of colour, and meticulous attention to detail enrich the visual narratives they create. Ji brings a distinct sense of style and storytelling to their work, completing the visual tapestry with finesse.

Together, Ji and Doh harmonize their visions, producing photography that elicits profound connections between subject and viewer. Their portfolio spans diverse genres, from captivating fashion editorials to thought-provoking conceptual projects. By pushing the boundaries of conventional photography, they challenge norms and invite viewers into a world of imagination and beauty.